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We create a standard
for evaluating performance

What is physical performance?
Which material actively improve (enhance) physical performance?
We create a new standard for evaluating performance.
This new standard (ACTIVE INDEX) provides credit for sports and health care industry.

Why do we need the standard ?


Based on this new standard (ACTIVE INDEX), we are able to assess functionality of tested elements.


Based on this new standard (ACTIVE INDEX), we are able to explain effectiveness and functionality with specific result of products to consumers.


This new standard support consumers who decide the best product for their choices.


Are you ready for the new generation (in fashion)?
New technology brings you a new answer of choosing clothes for your physical conditions.

How do we create it ?

Active Index quantify the standard of active physical condition.
Tested, brain wave, human physiology, heart rate, and calories consumption.
For providing the standard, we are continuously studying which material actively improve (enhance) physical performance.

About us

Tripure Japan


Originally developed AddElm technology, and based on that theory, developed raw materials such as fibers to develop genuine functional fibers. Rather than universal and industrial evidence, we are working on research and development of essential functional materials for human performance, dealing with human physiology that changes depending on the environment and individual differences.

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HC Lab

HC Lab

Collaborative inspection organization consisting of Itochu Fashion System Co., Ltd. and Unitika Garmentec. HC Lab is an organization that visualizes the issues and demands that people face in their daily lives and verifies products and services from the user's perspective in order to realize a better user experience. In addition to verifying the physical properties and functionality of the final product, it can also be incorporated into feasibility and usability tests at the development stage, making it possible to verify the effectiveness of design and implementation from the user's point of view at an early stage. rice field.

HC Lab